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[cdt-dev] No longer need to add contributor's name in copyright header


thanks for an initiative from Teo and the good work of the Eclipse Foundation (, it is no longer necessary to add the name of a contributor to the copyright header of each file they change.

> Mike Milinkovich from comment #18:
> So this topic has been discussed by the IP Advisory Committee, and the EMO
> and there is a consensus that we will let each project decide whether or not
> they want to allow names in the header, but Eclipse IP will rely fully on
> the Git logs. 

This is good news since adding names to copyright headers was causing merge conflicts and was annoying to contributors that had to update their contributions for this.  The contribution is fully tracked by Git.

I suggest we don't forbid putting the name in the copyright headers (some contributors/committers may like to put it in some cases), but we no longer need to ask people to do it.  My guess is that people will stop doing it as soon as they get a couple of merge conflicts :)


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