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Re: [cdt-dev] Adding 100's of C++ Projects to a Workspace

James Blackburn <james.blackburn@...> writes:
>   Mucking with the .cproject file will likely blow up 
>   severely. Those magic numbers do need to be unique and I do believe the 
>   to be unique across the workspace (or all workspaces 
> even).
> Interesting 
> ManagedBuildManager.getRandomNumber() doesn't appear to check that 
> the returned random number hasn't been used before 
> :)...

Question about an old post from 2008 - but 
ManagedBuildManager.getRandomNumber still is there...

Must these numbers really (still, in Luna) be unique across the workspace?
.cproject files generated by cmake don't seem to make trouble (isn't it a 
common use case to import two cmake projects into the same workspace?),
and when I tried importing two .cproject files into the same workspace,
I also didn't observe any trouble.

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