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RE: [cdt-dev] Adding 100's of C++ Projects to a Workspace

There was supposed to be some work done on being able to set the options on multiple configs at the same time. I'm not sure that made it.
You could use the Build Model APIs to write a menu item that could adjust all the settings and such.
Mucking with the .cproject file will likely blow up severely. Those magic numbers do need to be unique and I do believe the need to be unique across the workspace (or all workspaces even).

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Subject: [cdt-dev] Adding 100's of C++ Projects to a Workspace

Adding 100's of C++ projects to a workspace is tedious.  They all have the same project settings.  I have looked at the .cproject files hoping I could just make 100 copies of one .cproject file, change some of the names, etc. and have a full workspace.


It appears that there is a unique value attribute in the XML elements that represent user-defined configurations.  For example:
        <option id="" superClass="" valueType="libs">

My questions for you all: is the "1988654434" just a unique number?  Does it have to be unique to my workspace or just to the .cproject?  I can't find a reference to it anywhere else in the workspace, is it being used elsewhere?

Can I just copy the .cproject file, change the attribute that indicates the project name, build artifact, etc.?

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