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[cdt-dev] Adding 100's of C++ Projects to a Workspace

Adding 100's of C++ projects to a workspace is tedious.  They all have the same project settings.  I have looked at the .cproject files hoping I could just make 100 copies of one .cproject file, change some of the names, etc. and have a full workspace.


It appears that there is a unique value attribute in the XML elements that represent user-defined configurations.  For example:
        <option id="" superClass="" valueType="libs">

My questions for you all: is the "1988654434" just a unique number?  Does it have to be unique to my workspace or just to the .cproject?  I can't find a reference to it anywhere else in the workspace, is it being used elsewhere?

Can I just copy the .cproject file, change the attribute that indicates the project name, build artifact, etc.?

Jordan Pomeroy
Seismic Processing Applications
(281) 654 5608

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