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Re: [cdt-dev] Question on converting a debugger from CDI to DSF



we don’t use IDebugTarget with DSF, but you can still completely choose what is displayed in the Debug view.

I suggest you look at how DSF-GDB defines the content of the Debug view, which is done in


In its constructor, you can see that it defines a hierarchy of nodes which says that there is


-          a root node first

-          that the root node has two types of children: container (process) and GDBStandardProcess (entry for GDB)

-          that containers (processes) can have children that are Threads

-          that threads can have children that are stack frames


You can then follow the code to learn how to deal with updates of those nodes, etc.


I can’t decisively compare the complexity with IDebugTarget as I have never used IDebugTarget, but

I believe the new way, although probably more complex, provides much more flexibility.


Feel free to ask questions as you progress through the code.  More than one person on this list

has integrated their debugger with DSF and could be of assistance.


Good luck




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I am working on converting a debugger in our tool from CDI to DSF, the debugger used to display an alternative view in the DebugView that is relevant to the users of our tool.

It used to do that by creating debug targets (ICDebugTarget) in the launch method via CDIDebugModel.newDebugTarget.

Those debug targets were picked by org.eclipse.debug.core.Launch.getChildren() which is still valid.


I can see no other way to create debug targets, I can also see that this method is now deprecated, is there another way to create debug targets?

Or is there another alternative to add information to the Debug View?


Best Regards,



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