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Re: [cdt-dev] Find IBindings for qualifiedName

> As part of the Qt enhancements, I have a String that contains a qualified name (with embedded ::) and I need to find the
> list of matching IBindings.
> It seems that I'm looking for a method like CPPSemantics.findBindings(IScope scope, String name, boolean qualified),
> except that method doesn't like the name to contain "::". I'm not sure what the third parameter is for, but I've tried
> both values.
> Until now I've been using my own implementation of findBindings. This implementation just splits the name based on ::
> and then tries to use the existing implementation to find each component of the name.
> If there is already a way to get the list of IBindings for a qualifiedName, then I would like to start using it. If
> there is not a way, then I can contribute my implementation.

Does the qualified name appear in a file for which you have an AST?

If so, you can find the IASTName for it (e.g. with IASTNodeSelector) and call resolveBinding()
on that name.


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