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[cdt-dev] Find IBindings for qualifiedName

As part of the Qt enhancements, I have a String that contains a qualified name (with embedded ::) and I need to find the
list of matching IBindings.

It seems that I'm looking for a method like CPPSemantics.findBindings(IScope scope, String name, boolean qualified),
except that method doesn't like the name to contain "::".  I'm not sure what the third parameter is for, but I've tried
both values.

Until now I've been using my own implementation of findBindings.  This implementation just splits the name based on ::
and then tries to use the existing implementation to find each component of the name.

If there is already a way to get the list of IBindings for a qualifiedName, then I would like to start using it.  If
there is not a way, then I can contribute my implementation.


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