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[cdt-dev] Some tutorials regarding debug ?


I'm usually a developper on Visual C++.
I had to port previous project to Linux, so I know Eclipse CDT. But just a little bit, because I was just doing some minor adjustments so that the code compiled right on Linux.

But I am now on a project 100% Linux, and I can't rely anymore on the Visual Studio debugger, and I so have to debug on Linux.

I don't know at all gdb, and it is pretty scaring for a Visual C++ user.
So I try to set up a debug configuration in CDT. But the doc is pretty poor. The reference doc is mainly done by transforming a button to a sentence by adding a verb...
The sentences are more complex in the TAsks sections, but not more useful...
I have the feeling that the documentation is made for people already knowning gdb. But there are some users coming from Windows...

Is there anywhere a tutorial, or will I have ask questions in this mailing list for each configuration pane ?

Thanks, and sorry for my english.

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