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Re: [cdt-dev] Getting a list of global variables and their addresses

> I might be able to use -data-read-memory-bytes as that lists is equivalent to x

For what it's worth I tried using -data-read-memory-bytes on GDB 7.3 and that doesn't help as get the following back:

-data-read-memory-bytes 0x601260 100

Which contains no symbol information unlike the GDB command x which gives the following reply:

0x601260 <outerArray>:  	1701667150      875770417       53      0
0x601270 <outerArray+16>:       383     777     793     386
0x601280 <outerArray+32>:       649     0       886     0
0x601290 <outerArray+48>:       915     0       335     0
0x6012a0 <outerArray+64>:       492     0       421     0

I guess I'll have to wait for 'symbol-list-variables'

Thanks everyone


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