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[cdt-dev] way to make eclipse/cdt reload its project files ?


I have another question related to using cmake and eclipse together.
When you are using a project built with cmake, and cmake generates the project 
files for Eclipse, i.e. the .project and the .cproject files, it happens that 
it regenerates those two files while Eclipse is running.

Does Eclipse/cdt notice that and reload those files ?
If not, is there a way to make Eclipse/cdt reload these file from the outside, 
e.g. by running it again with some command line parameter, or writing 
something into some socket, or something ?

If this is not possible, do you see a way how this could be implemented ?
Would this have to be in Eclipse or in cdt ?
Could that be done as a plugin or would it have to be directly somewhere in 
the application ?

Thanks for any hints

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