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Re: [cdt-dev] Getting a list of global variables and their addresses

> P.S. -symbol-list-variables does not seem to be a valid GDB command, maybe you meant -stack-list-variables?

> As for -symbol-info-symbol, I can't find anything close to that...


You are right, those commands are wrong, Google had dropped me in the middle of some v5.1.1 GDB/MI documentation and enough things worked for me not to notice.


I’m not sure if there is an elegant way of doing what I want to at all now. -symbol-list-variables returned a list of all the global and static variables, it has been removed and I don’t think there is a replacement that works the same way. I might be able to use –data-read-memory-bytes as that lists is equivalent to x on the CLI which does show the symbols.  Unfortunately I’m stuck at GDB 7.2 on our target and this command doesn’t show up until version 7.3.


I suppose I could do it by using the variable object interface but that seems targeted to getting information about an individual variable rather than all the variables in a memory range.


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DSF-GDB does not show global variables automatically. 

See [variables][cdi] Variables view should show globals (or should it?)


CDI-GDB does show them, so you may want to look into how it does it.



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Subject: [cdt-dev] Getting a list of global variables and their addresses

Hello all,


I’m extending the memory views so they have an additional pane which shows which where symbols reside in memory. I only need to do so for the global variables and I can get the information I need from GDB using the MI commands –symbol-list-variables (or –symbol-info-symbol) but I don’t think these are used anywhere in DSF.


Is there currently a recommended way of getting a list of the global variables and their addresses or do I need to start from scratch?


Any suggestions about the best way to proceed would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance


Phil Mason



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