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Re: [cdt-dev] Summit 2011

So we all agree that we need two things:
1- some type of planning meeting in September
2- a face-to-face meeting at some point
Up to now, no one has stepped-up to organize a face-to-face in September (or another time).
(Doing it at Ericsson was a lot of work for me last year so I like the EclipseCon idea better).
Unless Chris thinks it can be done at IBM...
So I suggest we try to plan the face-to-face for EclipseCon or else we might not have a face-to-face
at all.  Note that the OSGi DevCon has been doing the same for some time.
Last year, the multi-core debug meeting was a big success.  However, having only one timeslot
left me with the feeling of unfinished business.  I think we should plan for two days and have a
detailed agenda, people can then decide if they want stay for the full two days or not.
Sunday-Monday is the option that allows us to be in the best shape.
Thursday-Friday avoids having to work on the weekend.
Sunday-Friday does not overlap with EclipseCon, but will be exhausting
We can try to figure out what the community likes best on the wiki.
The nice thing about all this is that it is very low risk/effort.  It is almost a freebie with EclipseCon.
What is somewhat urgent is knowing which days we could get a big enough room at EclipseCon.
It does not matter which days we prefer if we can't get a room (and a projector) for those days.
Doug, as the puppet master this year :-) can you tell us which days would be best for a room (or two)?
I can then update the wiki to see what the community response will be.

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Subject: Re: [cdt-dev] Summit 2011

Sure, we can offer up the options.


I plan on being very busy at EclipseCon, though, and will not attend full day sessions for CDT. But you don’t need me there for the whole thing. Everything I need to participate in will happen in September.




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I agree that we might be tired on Friday, however people might prefer to do that instead of having a second trip.

We can also investigate other options like Sun-Mon (like the IBM Rational conf :-).


Maybe we can put the different options (Thu-Fri, Sun-Mon, Sun and Thu) on the wiki and see what the developers prefer.

The last summit was 3 days and we had to close the registration because too many people wanted to come, we will have plenty of things to discuss for at least 2 days.

Having just a few hours doesn't seem to be enough.



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Subject: Re: [cdt-dev] Summit 2011

I dunno, I still have the mental scars from our last attempt at a EcilpseCon Friday meeting (way burned out by then).


But I will have a pretty big room if tradition holds and will throw a CDT party some time during the week J.





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Subject: Re: [cdt-dev] Summit 2011


The idea of an eSummit in September is probably the easiest way to get the plan done for Juno and get things started.

I like that.  But I also agree that the face-to-face part is very valuable.  So, the idea of having the same type of

meeting as last year, but co-located with EclipseCon, sounds great to me.


From what we saw in previous years, we need enough time to discuss the many different topics, and to allow

people to find their common interests and see how they can collaborate together.  And we also need

time for deep dives such as multi-core, build, codan, etc.


Co-locating a full CDT Summit with EclipseCon (Thursday/Friday) only extends the trip by one day, and we get the full

benefit of a face-face event.  And organization will be much easier :-)  It may also help some people justify going to

EclipseCon as a two-in-one trip.


So, couldn't we plan a two-day face-to-face CDT Summit on the Thursday and Friday of EclipseCon?






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Subject: Re: [cdt-dev] Summit 2011

Yes, I wasn’t talking about replacing the face to face, just having that component at EclipseCon. I tend to meet more new community members at EclipseCon than the CDT Summit anyway.


We do need to have a plan in place by the end of September (and the Eclipse board would actually prefer we have it earlier, but we get some leeway there), and should have interactive meetings on the issues we need to address and new features that feed into that plan. And it’s pretty much a given now that not every committer is able to make a summit anyway, I think an eSummit would fill our needs. And next year, if someone wants to hold it and organize early, we can try again at a full summit.




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Subject: Re: [cdt-dev] Summit 2011


March 26-29 is really late in the development cycle. To me, the summit should be about planning Juno, discussing architecture, potential solutions to hard problems we want fixed in Juno.

On 11-07-18 2:22 PM, Dominique Toupin wrote:

Replacing a 3 days face to face summit by an online meeting will not benefit the community, I think its very good if we can keep the face to face event.

Many people dial-in but they typically work on something else, we do not have the evening/lunch event when people can discuss further, etc. 


Looking at other open source projects/foundations they do a lot of co-located events (e.g LinuxCon and Tracing Summit), I had a quick chat with Ian from the Eclipse Foundation, he thinks it's a good idea to co-locate the summit with EclipseCon, possibly Thursday/Friday as long as we plan ahead to ensure we have a conf room available at (as program chair, I am sure you can make it happen).

Co-locating with EclipseCon has a few benefits:

 - Less travel (EclipseCon + Summit same place/date)

 - No sponsors/funding to find

 - No local logistics (room, special events, lunch, dinner, etc.)

 - more developers are likely to come

 - Reston is 8.5 hours drive from Toronto

 - etc.

The only down side I see is it's not a good timing to plan for the next release so we could do as you suggested i.e. an online meeting in September but hopefully a short one maybe half a day to start and then we can see if we need extra ones for specific topics e.g. multi-core debug.


Co-locating with EclipseCon seems quite future proof to me, what do you think?





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Sent: 18-Jul-11 11:24
To: CDT General developers list.
Subject: Re: [cdt-dev] Summit 2011

I agree. The time is pretty short to organize a full blown summit in September. But, we still need to have planning meetings to set the agenda for CDT in Juno.


What I’d like to propose is an eSummit instead using a conference bridge and Webex. I was thinking of a block of four hours running noon-3 Ottawa time (give or take), which allows for evening in Europe and morning in California. We could start with two days like that and expand if needed.


I would then propose that we have a CDT get-together at EclipseCon next March. We had a really nice multi-core meeting last year and could do that for CDT in general. We could do it for a couple of hours and be separate from the BOF which is a more open meeting.


What do you think?



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Subject: Re: [cdt-dev] Summit 2011


Hi Doug,


It's not easy to plan/organize the CDT summit in the middle of summer for a date in Sept/Oct:

 - many people are on vacation, it's hard to get developers to register;

 - organizing the logistic in the middle of summer was not easy for us last year again because of many people on vacations and it was hard to get big conf room for Sept;

 - in July many people are already booked for business trips in the fall e.g. myself, Elena, Marc, etc. if know more in advanced it will be easier to plan around the summit date;

 - fall is a busy time of the year for many people, May/June is the Eclipse release crunch and March is EclipseCon...;


To get more developers to join the summit we could either:

 - do the plan/organization after the Eclipse release and held the summit in Dec/Jan

 - do the plan/org in May and held the summit in Sept/Oct

 - looking back at last March EclipseCon we could investigate if we can do it Thursday and Friday (

 - we could even investigate if we can do it together with the GCC summit (


Best Regards,






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Sent: 8-Jul-11 14:20
To: cdt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [cdt-dev] Summit 2011

Hey gang,


Just a reminder to sign up for CDT Summit 2011 at Notice a few signed up already. The more that show interest, the more we’ll realize we really need to have one again J.





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