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Re: [cdt-dev] Codan performance

It would be nice to have an ability to turn off some checkers not on the whole file but on some of its part. In the simplest case it may be some function or class for which specified checker should report nothing. In more complex case it may be a checker-related filter (for example for checker that reports errors on undefined functions the filter on the function name, which should be skipped in all files, may be added).

I really miss these features when I open a file with a lot of similar errors on the same not found function or unknown type (these types & functions are generated with complex preprocessor statements and are not handled properly by CDT Indexer).

-------- Original message --------
I just explain it is all implemented already. Juts turn off the
checkers in preferences and for each checker there is filter for

On Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 8:33 AM,<maximed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
Got a solution here. I don't have performance problems, but my problem is
near yours: the more errors there are, the less it is usefull.
Our ideas here:
     1/ Insert a #pragma in the file for each checker you don't want to use
     2/ Put the same type of information in comments.
I know, the problem is that it changes the code (which is no loger valid in
my case).

     3/ Define a XML which specifies, for each file you don't want to use all
checkers on, which checker you wanna disable. Then, when launching checker,
insert a XML files reader that computes all you need.

I'm interrested in your needs and remarks, tell me if it sounds a good idea
for you.

Jesper Eskilson<jesper.eskilson@xxxxxxx>  a écrit :

On 03/31/2011 10:13 PM, Alena Laskavaia wrote:
It is all implemented already.
Disable the errors you don't want. Note is you see lots of false
positives your indexer is not set up correctly and it will report
garbage mostly anyway.
You can turn on/off folders/files in preferences for problems (in cdt
8.0). Select bunch of errors you want to apply it too and click
I'm still trying to get the scoping rules right, the problem is that each
time I try to change something, Codan blocks Eclipse for at least 30
minutes. Maybe I should disabled all checkers except one and get the filters
right, and then add some more checkers.

Maybe it would make sense for Codan to try to limit itself when it
realizes that it is taking lots of time/resources (reporting 50000 errors
doesn't make sense anyway). Completely blocking Eclipse for 30 minutes is
unacceptable, even if it is possible to limit the scope and the number of
checkers. Users won't know that they need to do that until they are sitting
there with a Eclipse which is blocked by a long-running analysis, and by
then it is too late.

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