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[cdt-dev] Codan performance

Hi people,

Inspired by the CDT talks at EclipseCon, I downloaded the latest milestone and tried to let Codan analyse one of our largest C++ projects (10k files). It didn't really work that well. Checking the box which causes it to analyse everything before building (I don't remember the label of the checkbox) caused it to, well, get very busy. When I left work it had reported 50000 errors and was not showing any signs of being finished. (The project includes most of the Boost header files, where lots of the errors seemed to originate from.)

I'm sure there are room for optimizations inside Codan, but two ideas of the top of my head for making Codan have to do less work are (1) limit the number of errors reported by Codan, and (2) being able selectively exclude folders from analysis.

I'll head off and raise a bug now. :)

Jesper Eskilson, Developer
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