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Re: [cdt-dev] Codan performance

I just explain it is all implemented already. Juts turn off the
checkers in preferences and for each checker there is filter for

On Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 8:33 AM,  <maximed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi.
> Got a solution here. I don't have performance problems, but my problem is
> near yours: the more errors there are, the less it is usefull.
> Our ideas here:
>     1/ Insert a #pragma in the file for each checker you don't want to use
>     2/ Put the same type of information in comments.
> I know, the problem is that it changes the code (which is no loger valid in
> my case).
> So:
>     3/ Define a XML which specifies, for each file you don't want to use all
> checkers on, which checker you wanna disable. Then, when launching checker,
> insert a XML files reader that computes all you need.
> I'm interrested in your needs and remarks, tell me if it sounds a good idea
> for you.
> Jesper Eskilson <jesper.eskilson@xxxxxxx> a écrit :
>> On 03/31/2011 10:13 PM, Alena Laskavaia wrote:
>>> It is all implemented already.
>>> Disable the errors you don't want. Note is you see lots of false
>>> positives your indexer is not set up correctly and it will report
>>> garbage mostly anyway.
>>> You can turn on/off folders/files in preferences for problems (in cdt
>>> 8.0). Select bunch of errors you want to apply it too and click
>>> Customize...
>> I'm still trying to get the scoping rules right, the problem is that each
>> time I try to change something, Codan blocks Eclipse for at least 30
>> minutes. Maybe I should disabled all checkers except one and get the filters
>> right, and then add some more checkers.
>> Maybe it would make sense for Codan to try to limit itself when it
>> realizes that it is taking lots of time/resources (reporting 50000 errors
>> doesn't make sense anyway). Completely blocking Eclipse for 30 minutes is
>> unacceptable, even if it is possible to limit the scope and the number of
>> checkers. Users won't know that they need to do that until they are sitting
>> there with a Eclipse which is blocked by a long-running analysis, and by
>> then it is too late.
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