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Re: [cdt-dev] [DSF] SessionType

At 02:04 PM 7/8/2010, Dave Korn wrote:
  I also had to play horrible games in both CDI
("miSession.getMIInferior().setIsRemoteInferior(true);") and DSF variants of
the debugger to trick the framework into sending interrupt signals to GDB
rather than the pseudo-inferior that a sim gdb creates.  (In the DSF version I
just hacked out the cygwin-related "gdbSpawner.interruptCTRLC();" call down in
the GDBBackend and left myself a note that this really needed a new
SessionType.  Ugly.)

In DSF-GDB, we always interrupt GDB itself, and not the inferior. The only variations are whether we use a cygwin 'kill' command, send it a CTRL-C, or use DebugBreakProcess().

CDI-GDB, however, does have a legacy workaround in it where it tries to interrupt the inferior directly in some cases.


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