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[cdt-dev] [DSF] SessionType

I'm looking at this definition from DSF:

	public enum SessionType { LOCAL, REMOTE, CORE }

Unfortunately, despite quite some years of experience with gdb, I have
no idea what LOCAL and REMOTE means. Say:

- If I do 'target sim', is this remote or local? Note that not only
simulator runs on the same machine as gdb, but also there's no 
TCP communucation going on.
- If I do 'target remote | local-something', is this remote or not?
- If I do 'target mdi', which is actually connecting to something
that may be either a simulator running locally or a real board, what
session type do I use?

Would it not be better to remove session type completely, and use
more detailed switches, like 'should run or continue to be used
when starting program', or 'run can be used to restart'.


Vladimir Prus
(650) 331-3385 x722

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