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RE: [cdt-dev] RE: [DSF-GDB] Remote Attach problem

The "Refresh" button does bring me the tread list but it does not
auto-expand to where the current break point is. Maybe a deep refresh of
the view should be done.

I will file a bug. Thanks Marc.

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Subject: [cdt-dev] RE: [DSF-GDB] Remote Attach problem


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> Subject: [cdt-dev] [DSF-GDB] Remote Attach problem
> The DSF-GDB remote attach to process is not working well with gdb 
> version lower than 7.0.
> I have a simple "HelloWorld" program compiled for Linux. It does an 
> infinite looping and "sleep(5)" in the loop. I use the remote 
> gdbserver attach to the process. The process stops but the "Debug" 
> view only gives me the "Resume" and "Stop" buttons, the rest of the 
> buttons are disabled. There is not thread info under the process.

If you refresh the view, I think it will fix things.
(to enable the refresh button: 
Customize perspective->Command group availabitlity and check "Debug
update modes.  You get a refresh button on most of the views)

Please file a bug, maybe we are missing an event when using the CLI
'attach' command.


> If I
> "resume" and
> then "pause" the process, I get the thread info and the rest of the 
> buttons are enabled I can step-in and step-over.
> I tried gdb 7.0, there is no problem. I was given the tread info and 
> all the buttons were enabled right after the attach.
> The above tests used Linux gdb.
> Thanks,
> - Andy
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