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Re: [cdt-dev] Internal builder status

On 24 June 2010 18:56, Doug Schaefer <cdtdoug@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I certainly agree with that. If we had someone in there fixing these
> bugs, which as you mention have been there since 6.0 and I think maybe
> longer, then I'd have a different opinion, at least for the cases
> Chris mentions where there is no pre-existing build files and where
> make is not readily available (which isn't that many platforms any
> more).

I think Chris is on the ball in that this is somewhere we want to be
eventually. As the build model feeds both the makefile generator and
the internal builder, I've been focussing on getting the makefile
builder right for my users.  As it stands there are some thorny
platform build integration issues we need to overcome to make it

That said there's nothing stopping you (or anyone else) filing filing
and fixing bugs; I'm sure your patches will get applied :)


>> If so, I'll probably get these bugs into bugzilla, and then leave them
>> be.
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