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[cdt-dev] Internal builder status

Hi folks,

Out of the box, CDT uses the external builder for managed make
projects.  We've been looking recently at the internal builder:
whether it works as well, and what advantages it has.

Here's a couple of things we've already noticed that don't work in the
internal builder.  We originally generated this list in Galileo, but I
verified the problems in Helios.

* You can't clean a project with spaces in the name.  The arguments to
rm aren't quoted.  Cleaning appears to succeed (no error), but the
binaries are still there.

* If you build a project then rename a file, the linker is given both
the old .o file and the new one.  It fails with a duplicate symbol

* Cosmetic: The build console doesn't handle spaces gracefully; it
prints out things like "gcc -oHello World.exe src/Hello World.o", but
behind the scenes it runs the right command.

* Cygwin-specific: The internal builder doesn't work "out of the box"
because Cygwin uses symlinks for /usr/bin/gcc.  If you have Cygwin
make in your path and use the external builder, this works fine.

So, before we chase down these bugs (at least, those that matter to
us), are folks using the internal builder in products?  Does it work?

Daniel Jacobowitz

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