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Re: [cdt-dev] Internal builder status

> So, before we chase down these bugs (at least, those that matter to
> us), are folks using the internal builder in products?  Does it work?

It can work for simple projects, but the bugs you describe indicate
that no one's using it in anger...

On the ManagedBuild side, we're using the generated makefile builds
for two groups here which are building artefacts from  multiple
inter-dependent eclipse projects.  These project-sets are growing in
complexity every day and are starting to stress the MBS...  But so far
it's working reasonably well.  We've been tackling issues as we find
pain points and the projects grow (some of these patches are in
bugzilla but not yet in CDT proper).

In the long term, the internal builder would seem ideal, but without
the generated makefiles, it's difficult to have confidence that the
builder is doing the right thing. In my experience developers are very
unforgiving if the IDE produces an incorrect build, where their
hand-written makefile would have been perfect (of course...).  With
the makefile generator, if something goes wrong, the intermediate
builder output is there for review.

There are a fair few outstanding issues with managedbuild and any
contributions on that front would be very welcome.


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