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[cdt-dev] Static Include Analysis (ReDHead)


In the scope of my master thesis at the University for Applied Science
(HSR) in Rapperswil (Switzerland), I am developing an Eclipse plugin
which aims to add (some) static include dependency analysis to CDT. The
plugin is called ReDHead ("Re"factor "D"ependencies of C++ "Head"er

Since I'm already in the middle of the thesis and many of the features
(see list bellow) work pretty well, I thought it's time to officially
announce the ReDHead plugin here on the CDT mailing-list.

Here a list of features:
 * Find unused includes
 * Directly include referenced files
 * Organize includes
 * Static code coverage
 * Find unused files
 * Replace include with forward declaration (planed) 
 * Introduce redundant include guards (planed)

A more detailed description of the features can be found on the ReDHead
project site ( ).
Some of the features already bring along integration into CDT's codan
framework. Others are meant to be triggered via menu action (organize
includes, static code coverage).

I do not jet provide an update site for the ReDHead plugin. It will
follow in the release phase of the project.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions ( lfelber@xxxxxx ).

Lukas Felber

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