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Re: [cdt-dev] building projects prior to a launch

+1 on all this from me. With my architect hat on, the real correct architectural thing to do is to get the platform build system to work correctly for us without having to put ugly hacks over top of it like we've done for years. It would be great of we could put together a proposal on what we would do in the ideal case, taking configurations and dependencies into account and bring that to the platform team. We know the challenges in getting them to change, but this is still an ugly thumb which really hurts our users (or at least confuses them), and we need to start somewhere.

On Fri, May 21, 2010 at 9:56 AM, John Cortell <rat042@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
At 08:52 AM 5/21/2010, James Blackburn wrote:
On 21 May 2010 14:46, James Blackburn <jamesblackburn@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> BTW, if you can you should encode the configuration to build in the
> build arguments (see BuilderFactory in managedbuild.core) rather than

And fixing this would also fix:

The launch delegate shouldn't be using the CDTPropertyManager...

That's actually what got me here :-) I started investigating a resolution to that issue. So, my objectives are to pass the configuration name directly and to build only the referenced project.

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