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[cdt-dev] modify build variables

                I added a build variable (with variable name "Path", variable value "C:\IFX_Tools") for one c project, how can I modify it in Java code
                IWorkspace workspace = ResourcesPlugin.getWorkspace();
    pathVariableManager = workspace.getRoot().getWorkspace().getPathVariableManager();
    ICdtVariable path = CdtVariableManager.fBuildSystemVariableSupplier.getVariable("Path", null);
    System.out.println("Is fBuildSystemVariableSupplier?"+path.getStringValue());

I've tried all types: fBuildSystemVariableSupplier ,fEnvironmentMacroSupplier,fCdtMacroSupplier, fEclipseVariablesMacroSupplier

but I always got "null".
Is the problem of null parameter in "CdtVariableManager.fBuildSystemVariableSupplier.getVariable("Path", null); "?

thanks in advance

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