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Re: [cdt-dev] building projects prior to a launch

> It's nice to see multiple people evaluate a situation in isolation and come
> up with the same opinion :-) (I had not seen your bug report). I'll tackle
> this today. I think it's low risk and fairly easy to implement.

Thanks John, I've had users complain about this but it hadn't bubbled
to the top of my priority list here.

BTW, if you can you should encode the configuration to build in the
build arguments (see BuilderFactory in managedbuild.core) rather than
explicitly changing the active configuration.  Unfortunately there
isn't a utility for generating this command map in cdt.core, so I'd
suggest hard-coding it for now and opening a bug for (internal?) API
in cdt.core for building specific project configuration(s).

The problem with the alternative of changing active configuration is two-fold:
  - It overrides the configuration the user wants to build by default
(though I seem to remember the launch switches the config back)
  - For users who have indexer follows build configuration causes the
index to be rebuilt on each change of build config.


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