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[cdt-dev] EclipseCon Talk Votes

Hey gang,

I thought I'd share this with you. It's the results from the voting for the EclipseCon talks this year. For those who haven't been to one, everyone who attends a talk is given a ballet and drops it off at the end of the talk into one of three buckets that match our voting scheme, +1 (like it), 0 (whatever), -1 (didn't like it all). We had a great response from the CDT and related talks, including Ken and my What's new in CDT, Marc's tracepoint, Francois's LTTng talks, Andrew Overholt's Linux IDE talk/panel, and Eric's Mobile panel. Congrats gang!

We had around 60 people vote for each talk and the CDT BOF. Add a few for people who didn't vote and I'm very pleased with the interest at EclipseCon for what we do. Hopefully we can get more content and slots for next year to keep the crowd happy :)


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