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Re: [cdt-dev] Support for "target-detach" and "target-disconnect"

On 14/04/2010 2:13 PM, Pawel Piech wrote:
So disconnect, disconnects all processes?

In Wind River product we've had a conflict between the debug disconnect (detach) and target disconnect from the earlies days of our product.  We would like to have changed the debugger disconnect command to "detach" but that's simply not possible because of the UI precedent.  So at this point, the disconnect command in Target Manager disconnects the target connection, while the disconnect in Debug view detaches the debug session.  If you want to add the gdb disconnect action to the Debug view, would it make sense to add it as "Disconnect Target".
Here is the "disconnect" command description:

"The disconnect command behaves like detach, except that the target is generally not resumed. It will wait for gdb (this instance or another one) to connect and continue debugging."

I was thinking of adding it to the new GDB plugins, so we can use the same names as in GDB.


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