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Re: [cdt-dev] Minutes April Conf Call

Very cool. Thanks Alena.

On Wed, Apr 14, 2010 at 2:02 PM, Alena Laskavaia <elaskavaia.cdt@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I created an empty page for What is new in CDT 7.0.
Please fill it up for your area. Just main features and UI impact, bugs can go by query.

Doug Schaefer wrote:
Attendees: Marc (Ericsson), James (Broadcom), Leo (Intel), Pawel (Wind River), Bill (Intel), John (Freescale), Jeff (Red Hat), Mikhail (CodeSourcery), Elena (QNX), Ken (Nokia), and probably a few others.

- 7.0 Status

-- DSF/GDB parity (Marc)
--- progress is good but slowing
--- Need to prioritize what's left, do big things by RC0, littler "bugs" by release, and then even to Sept's 7.0.1.
--- Engage the community via the newsgroup to get beta testers and to help with prioritization

-- Supported toolchains (Doug)
--- We should finally defined a set of recommended version line ups for gcc for the various hosts we support
--- Document it in the user docs, and on the web site
--- Define versions for Cygwin, MinGW (Wascana), select Linux distros, Mac.

-- New & Noteworthy (Doug)
--- Doug to start and get input from team

- EclipseCon Recap
-- A good time was had by all
-- Hope more can make it next time
-- A great place to meet other CDT contributors and even a few users and learn about other Eclipse technologies

- CDT Summit
-- We skipped last year due to travel restrictions
-- It would be good to start it up again this year
--- again in the fall (late Sept?) before going too deep into next release
-- Need an agenda and a location
-- Agenda items could include:
--- Debug wars part deux (DSF/GDB versus DSF/EDC/TCF versus Flex Hierarchy/EDC2/TCF or something)
--- Codan checker-fest
--- Supporting real developers, CDT as an end-user IDE rather than platform, e.g. Wascana, Mac, Qt, Linux, Embedded-cross
--- What to do with profiling/trace
-- Locations could include anywhere but best if one of the vendors host
--- We've done Ottawa and Toronto in the past. Austin is another idea.
-- Who can make it?

Let us know if I missed something.

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