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[cdt-dev] Problem specifying path to Debugger script in Debug Configuration

I am debugging a C/C++ application that I am setuid'ing to run as root. This app runs fine from the command line. When I ran it in eclipse, the apparent user was still me instead of root, so it looks like the effective uid didn't get boosted. So for a test, I changed the Debugger invokation in the Debugger tab of Debug Configuration from "gdb" to a bash script that does "sudo gdb $*". Since I am a sudoer, this allows eclipse to run gdb as root, and my application runs as expected. All the above may be a misunderstanding on my part of  how gdb works. The problem I wanted to convey to you is that this only works if I browse and set an absolute path to the script (in the Debugger tab of Debug Configuration). Just "" or "./" don't work. I don't like this because I think this inserts an absolute path in my .launch file, which I want to share with others. This behavior occurs with Eclipse 3.5.2/CDT6.0 and Eclipse 3.6M6/CDT7.0.

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