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Re: [cdt-dev] EDC on 64-bit Linux?

On Wednesday 31 March 2010, ken.ryall@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > That's very disappointing considering that most Linux systems these days
> > are 64 bit.
> OK, now I'm curious. Doug, do we have any download numbers on 32 vs. 64 bit
> Linux CDT?

I am curious, too. What do Eclipse downloads have to do with the native binary 
format used for Linux distributions?

Sure most distros can run legacy 32 bit binaries, too and we actually develop 
our C++ software as both 32bit and 64bit, so we need to be able to debug 32bit 
as well as 64bit apps. However we already plan to phase out 32bit support, as 
all modern machines are 64bit.

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