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[cdt-dev] The old problem of buffering in the console (Windows)

If you've used Eclipse CDT on Windows you know that the Eclipse console has buffering problems.
Basically, it doesn't flush the streams when a newline is received. (Unlike a normal windows console window)
Until lately I used to either add fflush calls when needed or add the following lines in the start of the main function:
setvbuf(stdout, NULL, _IONBF, 0);
setvbuf(stderr, NULL, _IONBF, 0);

Since we're using Eclipse CDT as the recommended IDE for a software development course I need some solution or workaround to allow my students work on CDT.
Having mixed stdout & stderr is unacceptable for a programming newbie. (Seriously, this bug is probably preventing hundred of new C/C++ programmers working on windows from seriously using Eclipse instead of Visual)

I would love if someone could help me with a workaround.
Or even better, direct me to the right piece of code in Eclipse where I can solve this problem myself and be done with it. (I have the time and necessary skills)


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