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RE: [cdt-dev] RE: Something for DSF GDB feature-parity with CDI GDB?

> Does this only happen when you are testing the new Pretty-printer
> feature you are adding to DSF-GDB, or does it happen even without
> that new code?
It happens without the new code.

> > My personal impression after working a couple of days with
> > DSF GDB and gdb 7.x plus STL pretty printers is that I should
> > not switch from CDI to DSF.
> This is the kind of issues that need to be reported to properly
> improve DSF-GDB.  Please elaborate on any other problems you have
> encountered.  Without this information, the issues that bother
> you cannot be fixed.
Sorry, I just wanted to say that because of this one issue, I will not be able to switch within our team, because we use gdb 7.1 and pretty printers and I would often run into that problem. This would mean for my situation that DSF GDB is not feature-par to CDI.

In general the impression of DSF is very good. I like the details pain in the variables view which always shows decimal, hex, and binary at once. A very simple feature, but quite some value. And also the reverse debugging may become interesting.

> If it happens currently with HEAD, then yes it is, even if it
> is by fluke.
> Please open the bug and we can get it fixed.


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