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Re: [cdt-dev] Build Console

Hi Doug,
I was preparing error highlighting patch for existing build console. It significantly modifies existing build console (patch is about 75Kb). It is available at Please apply the patch first before modifying build console. From my prospective as a contributor it will be a little bit incorrect if you modify build console and make my patch not-working.

There are also a lot of odd things with build console. Most problem I guess is API between build console and builders, before my patch there was no API for reporting build errors to console. In my patch I made _minimal_ modifications to distribute error information from error parsers to build console, but this is very local modification.

If you are going to make significant changes to console it would be nice to discuss them.

Best regards,
Dmitry Kozlov

Doug Schaefer wrote:
Does anyone remember why we have the build console architecture that we do? Or given thought about ways to improve what we have? Or prefer the way we have it?

I'm looking at the build console for the new build system I'm prototyping and was wondering why we don't use the TextConsole to get features like hyperlinks and such. The only thing I can think of is the funky per project build consoles that we have, which I think was created to address scalability and performance since build output can get huge. But I'm not sure I remember correctly.

Doug Schaefer
Wind River

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