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[cdt-dev] Binaries are not being built correctly despite build succeeding (sometimes)

I'm debugging a weird behavior involving the internal builder being invoked programmatically. We have a test suite which tests different project configurations to make sure that they can be built properly. This involves (programmatically) creating a project, setting build options, and then building it.

Sometimes (but only sometimes) there are no generated binaries, despite no error signalled by the method. As far as I've been able to see, the C source code is compiled, but the internal builder for some reason decides that the link step should not be executed. The build then succeeds, but there is no binary executed. The intermediate object files have been removed.

Since this only happens sometimes (say once in 10-100 times), I'm suspecting a race-condition of some sort inside the internal builder. I searched for relevant bugs, but couldn't find any.

(As a side-note, it seems as if this happens more often when using 3.6M4 together with one of the latest CDT snapshots than when we were using Galileo, but I'm not sure if that information is of any real use.)

I'm currently stepping through the internal builder to see if I can figure out why the link step is skipped, but without any luck so far.

Any ideas?


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