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RE: [cdt-dev] Using special code formatter and 'Indent Line'

thinking again about your reply, I wonder if it wouldn't be a good idea to have an extension point for the indenter?
Basically, if there is a need for a special formatter, it might be quite common to have some special indentation needs, which calls for a special indenter too.

Some general words about this topic:
All this is no problem at all if you start a new project, but for huge amounts of legacy code it is cricial to have the possibility to configure CDT in a way that it does not change the existing code formatting. Otherwise you get a big problem if you have to maintain several branches in source control over years. Nobody would reformat millions LOC just because of a new editor or IDE.

At least in our company I see the tendency to evaluate Eclipse/CDT even for very large existing C++ projects, but the formatting problems is what keeps a lot of teams from switching to CDT - which is a shame.
A lot of code has been written with Emacs or XEmacs, and to support these teams in switching to CDT, it should be possible to mimic all the Emacs c++-mode indentation rules. That is currently not the case, unfortunately.

All the best,

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yes, the indenter engine is separate from the formatter, but they share the same style settings to accomplish consistency.

There is no extension point to replace the indenter, so I suggest to configure the code style to match your custom formatter settings as much as possible.

See IndentAction and CIndenter.


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> Subject: [cdt-dev] Using special code formatter and 'Indent Line'
> Hi everybody,
> I managed to run a special purpose code formatter by using the 
> org.eclipse.cdt.core.CodeFormatter extension point. That works fine.
> But if the user presses Ctrl-I, another indentation engine is used, 
> and my formatting gets garbled.
> Which code is run when Ctrl-I is pressed? I can't find it.
> I'd like to run part of my own formatting code in that case, too, to 
> have consistent results with Sh-Ctrl-F and Ctrl-I.
> Thanks for help!
>   Achim

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