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RE: [cdt-dev] Using special code formatter and 'Indent Line'


yes, the indenter engine is separate from the formatter,
but they share the same style settings to accomplish consistency.

There is no extension point to replace the indenter, so I suggest to
configure the code style to match your custom formatter settings as much
as possible.

See IndentAction and CIndenter.


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> Subject: [cdt-dev] Using special code formatter and 'Indent Line'
> Hi everybody,
> I managed to run a special purpose code formatter by using the 
> org.eclipse.cdt.core.CodeFormatter extension point. That works fine.
> But if the user presses Ctrl-I, another indentation engine is 
> used, and 
> my formatting gets garbled.
> Which code is run when Ctrl-I is pressed? I can't find it.
> I'd like to run part of my own formatting code in that case, too, to 
> have consistent results with Sh-Ctrl-F and Ctrl-I.
> Thanks for help!
>   Achim
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