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Re: [cdt-dev] Indexer advice

Thanks, I hadn't realised point 4 at the time so will revisit our name and make a start on the PDOMLinkage subclass.


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On 16 Jul 2009, at 08:29, "Schorn, Markus" <Markus.Schorn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I think I gave a good summary on what you need to do for
Objective C integration here:

For indexing it would be points 1-4:
1) An AST:
   * You'll need to define all the interfaces necessary to represent
the syntax of Objective C. You can probably
reuse the interfaces for plain C and extend/add addtional ones as
   * You need interfaces to represent the bindings.
   see packages: org.eclipse.cdt.core.dom.ast,

   * You need an implementation for the interfaces. Again you can
probably reuse the implementation for plain
      C and add what's needed. You will have to do your own IASTName,
IASTTranslationUnit and all the bindings
      because these interfaces return the linkage they belong to.
   see packages: org.eclipse.cdt.internal.core.dom.parser,

2) A parser to create the AST:
   You probably want to reuse CPreprocessor (you'll need some
extensions) for preprocessing. To do the
grammar you have the choice between extending the LR-parser for C or
   AbstractGnuSourceCodeParser or even GNUCSourceParser.

3) Semantics:
  * Name resolution is started from IASTName. You need to link your
ast-names to the name-resolution
  see: CVisitor

4) Persistance:
  * For your bindings you need two other implementations: One for the
pdom and one for the composite index:
  see packages org.eclipse.cdt.internal.core.pdom.c,
  * Your implementation of ILinkage in this context (extenstion to
PDOMLinkage) will take care of mapping
    bindings from the ast to the index.


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In order to start working on a number of features, I need to
get indexer support working in objectiveclipse. Since a lot
of this is driven by types which don't exist in the base
CDT's indexer, what's the best way forward? It doesn't look
like I can extend the set of indexed types with the current
indexer  - does this mean I need to roll my own?

Lastly, obj-c has some interesting naming conventions for methods.
Wheras c/c++ have a single token <-> name mapping, that's not
the case for obj-c in all but the simple case. A method might
have the signature
doSomething:withSomething:andSomethingElse: but exist in a
call as [obj doSomething:1 withSomething:2 andSomethingElse:
3] (c.f.

The hyperlinking does highlight the single token (which is
probably OK from a UI perspective) but the jump-to-index
needs to be aware of the full name (since it's possible that
like Java methods, they may be overloaded with different
numbers of arguments).

I'd appreciate your advice on the way I should go forwards with this.


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