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[cdt-dev] (no subject)

Hi there,

i'm currently (re)implementing cdt support for our ant tasks. while
playing around
with it i couldn't figure out if there's a way to declare project
besides the generically used project references ?
what i would like to have is something like project #a depends on
project #b whereas
project #b provides an include path and an output path (f.e. containing
shared objects
and libs). i'm aware that this might be getting across with the
configuration based
settings but just to be sure i would like to know if such scenarios are
used within
the cdt. i know that i could set the include path of project #a to
access the files
within project #b but just declaring a project dependency is much more
elegant and
wouldn't require to alter things like include pathes each time changes
are being
made to project #b. is there any solution to cover this which i probably
don't know ?


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