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[cdt-dev] Indexer advice

In order to start working on a number of features, I need to get indexer support working in objectiveclipse. Since a lot of this is driven by types which don't exist in the base CDT's indexer, what's the best way forward? It doesn't look like I can extend the set of indexed types with the current indexer - does this mean I need to roll my own?

Lastly, obj-c has some interesting naming conventions for methods. Wheras c/c++ have a single token <-> name mapping, that's not the case for obj-c in all but the simple case. A method might have the signature doSomething:withSomething:andSomethingElse: but exist in a call as [obj doSomething:1 withSomething:2 andSomethingElse: 3] (c.f. definition).

The hyperlinking does highlight the single token (which is probably OK from a UI perspective) but the jump-to-index needs to be aware of the full name (since it's possible that like Java methods, they may be overloaded with different numbers of arguments).

I'd appreciate your advice on the way I should go forwards with this.


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