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[cdt-dev] Static code analysis - > Codan and Sonar

Hi allĀ 

I'm the one of the project lead of the Open Source code quality management platform : Sonar ( For those who already know tools from Cast Software or Metrixware, this is something comparable. You can take a look to our public live instance :

Sonar currently covers java and pl/sql languages and the next step is to analyse ... C and C++ code :-). I've recently discovered the eclipse CDT plugin and reusing/collaborating on what you've done here quickly sounded like an evidence. Indeed, you already have good parsers to get AST and this AST is the starting point to calculate metrics (cyclomatic complexity, npath, statements, ...) and to write a coding rules engine. Moreover, the foundation of this coding rules engine (CODAN) seems to already exist, even if I don't know exactly it's current status ?

Before starting developing a poc, could you just confirm that parsers and codan frameworks have been designed to be used outside the eclipse platform ?

Thanks for your help

Freddy Mallet

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