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[cdt-dev] Error while building


We have a plugin which extends the buildDefinitions providing new project
type and project nature and defining our own tool chain.

To integrate this toolchain we have defined our own Configuration Level
Environment Provider.

We are extending for this reason IBuildEnvironmentVariable.

For operation we use the value : IBuildEnviornmentVariable.ENVVAR_REPLACE.
For delimeter we use the value : null.

However I realized that for default OS set enviornment variables , if we
invoke Eclipse from this it works fine.

Now if we set few environment variables before invoking Eclipse and then
invoke it gets complete new list of environment variables, but in this case
there is one extra command which gets executed and throws the following

 No such file or directory

I tried the same ting with delimeter="" ; or delimeter=" ";
In this case it works fine and the extra command doesn't appear.

I would like to know the exact purpose of delimeter and where is it used ?
On what basis should we decide its value ?

I tried going through CDT code using debugger but couldn't understand
enough . Also from the Build Macros and BuildEnvironmentVariables I
couldn't get much information.

So, please let me know if someone can help.

Thanks & Regards,
Nayna Jain

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