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Re: [cdt-dev] Is there CDT 5.0 Plug-in Developer Guide?

Hello Toni,

Thank you for your advices. Will now look closer at all this.

That's covered by
Unfortunately, I don't know what it takes to get it fixed.

It's reported is a good thing itself. :)

There is and if you plan to code against CDT, I recommend to install the CDT SDK. That way you get the Development Guide, the extension point schemas and the sources.

Will do.

How relevant to the new version Matthew Scarpino's articles at .jsp?search_by=CDT+based+editor

This looks like it is based on CDT < 4.0. Most of the information
is probably still be valid at large, but you might find differences in details.

Thought so.

Thank you, Toni! Really helpful!

Michael Smirnov.

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