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[cdt-dev] Is there CDT 5.0 Plug-in Developer Guide?

Hello everyone!

I've just started developing editor plug-in for Eclipse which should mostly rely on CDT as it will be used to edit .c files. Well, almost .c files. :)

I've just have a few documentation questions. I googled a lot, but haven't found current version's CDT Plug-in Development Guide.

It is there:
but not here:

So, the questions:

Is there any CDT 5.0 Plug-in Development Guide (I mostly interested in the extension points)?

Maybe CDT 4.0 Plug-in Development Guide isn't out of date and could be used successfully?

How relevant to the new version Matthew Scarpino's articles at ?

Guys, I am really sorry if I just wrote to the wrong mail list.

Will appreciate any help and directions!

Thank you.

Michael Smirnov.

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