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RE: [cdt-dev] Is there CDT 5.0 Plug-in Developer Guide?

 > I've just have a few documentation questions. I googled a lot, but 
> haven't found current version's CDT Plug-in Development Guide.
> It is there:
> but not here:

That's covered by
Unfortunately, I don't know what it takes to get it fixed.
> So, the questions:
> Is there any CDT 5.0 Plug-in Development Guide (I mostly 
> interested in 
> the extension points)?

There is and if you plan to code against CDT, I recommend to 
install the CDT SDK.  That way you get the Development Guide,
the extension point schemas and the sources. 

> How relevant to the new version Matthew Scarpino's articles at 
> .jsp?search_by=CDT+based+editor 

This looks like it is based on CDT < 4.0. Most of the information
is probably still be valid at large, but you might find differences 
in details.


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