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RE: [cdt-dev] Toolchain updates

	Hi James,
	Coincidentally I had been looking at implementing this same
extension point for similar reasons as Mike.  One question that arises
though is exactly when the best time is to register the external
settings provider id with the system?  Presumably it should be done
immediately after the project is created or opened so I've implemented
an IResourceChangeListener to track the event. The problem that I'm
running into though is that even this event is called too early because
the ICCConfigurationDescription objects are still not completely done
initializing (e.g. doneInitialization() has not been called yet so
calling setExternalSettingsProviderIds() throws an exception).

	Any advice on the best strategy for initializing the providers?
Maybe some example(s) somewhere? Of course it's entirely possible
(probable) that I'm just missing something obvious here too :)


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Hi Mike,

2009/5/18 Mike Wrighton <mike.wrighton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> It's really just a new set
> of include paths that I need - so being able to force a scan to pick
> up new include paths on startup rather than storing them in the
> workspace would be handy.

Have a look at the externalSettingsProvider extension point. You can
register a class which is call-back'd (under your control) when you
call some API notifying the core that external settings may have

There are more detailed steps here:
I've just copied and pasted these steps into the FAQ:

Please feel free to update & improve the FAQ entry as you make progress!


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