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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT and RAP

Mike, is great.  

How do your customers like it?  Any plans to open source any of the code so
others can build on it?


Mike Wrighton-2 wrote:
> I agree with Doug. RAP is a great project but for simple applications.
> We tried to build a C-based web IDE using RAP and found the
> limitations were huge. We couldn't port any of the CDT code because of
> too many dependancies on widgets which weren't implemented in RAP, so
> we had to write everything from scratch. Basically the capabilties of
> native applications are way ahead of anything you can achieve with
> JavaScript so single sourcing complex apps is always going to be
> difficult.
> If you're interested to see our efforts you can go to
> (sign up required I'm
> afraid).
> Mike

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