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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT and RAP

Since this thread is more than a year old, I wanted to check if anyone has
thought further about running CDT on RAP (or GDK or anything else to make it
a Web application)

Leveraging the Web for C/C++ development has the potential to unchain
developers from a specific piece of desktop hardware, simplify
configuration, and improve the developer collaboration of code and


Hi *,

well, I am not in the RAP team, but personally I wouldn't want to run JDT, 
CDT, or similar complex IDEs as a RAP application. 

At the moment. ;-)

But ten years ago I didn't think that I would ever run a complete IDE in a 

On the other hand there might be some interesting usecases for CDT and RAP
the future, usecases that will be possible with such a solution. But 
currently it is not possible to port such applications because of the
StyledText in RAP.

At EclipseCon there is a tutorial on single sourcing RCP and RAP:

Hope this helps...


On Friday 07 March 2008, Mike Wrighton wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anyone know much about the RAP (Rich Ajax Platform) and more
> specifically whether it would be at all feasible to port some or all of
> the
> CDT to use it, instead of RCP? From what I understand, it replaces some of
> the graphical parts of the Eclipse platform (SWT, JFace, the workbench)
> with cut-down implementations that generate Ajax code so that you can
> effectively run Eclipse inside a browser. I suspect this would be a huge
> project but I haven't found much documentation yet on porting existing
> plug-ins.
> Mike

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