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Re: [cdt-dev] Couple issues with DSF

I cannot access to CVS from behind my firewall, so I will wait for
next Nightly build.

Meantime, I had installed and tested GNU gdb
(cygwin-special) for windows console program (skyeye simulator)

First, I cannot see a terminal (console) window of this program. Its
output is seen in Eclipse console. But it looks like the stdout only.
stderr is not seen...
Next, the program seem to work: the program has to open a socket and
wait for connection. I can see that another GDB can connect to it and
work as expected.

What is weird is that I cannot pause a skyeye program. I see the
following call stack

Skyeye_1.2.5 Cygwin GCC [C/C++ Local Application (Experimental - DSF)]	
		Thread[2]  (Running : CONTAINER)	
		Thread[1]  (Running : USER_REQUEST)	

Is this the same 6.8 vs 7.0 problem?

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