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Re: [cdt-dev] Option valueType includeFiles or how can I includefiles for the indexer?

> You can choose to index 
> (a) all sources + headers included by these sources
> (b) all sources + all headers (Indexer Preference: index all files)
> Independent of this choice it is necessary to configure the include
> paths properly. Otherwise the indexer will produce poor
> results. Obviously as  you wrote the configuration is also necessary
> to determine the included files.
> The indexer itself does support preincluding files (gcc option -include,
> -imacro), however I don't know how the managed build system computes
> the value for these options as passed to the indexer, but there
> seems to be an issue. I'll redirect the bug to the correct inbox.


Once had a look at it (from an editor point of view), and found out
the IScannerInfo was extended (IExtendedScannerInfo) with provisions
to hold preincludes. However the MBS ScannerInfo collector mechanism
does not seem to have a way to make use of that extension (at least I
never figured it out). 

Our compiler does generate a kind of preinclude file which currently I
have to parse for symbol definitions. Since this generated preinclude
file in turn contains #include statements for all other preincludes it
would be much simpler if I could just pass this file directly to
the scanner info. (just to let you know it would be greatly appreciated
if this feature could be supported:-)


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