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[cdt-dev] Option valueType includeFiles or how can I include files for the indexer?


We are working on a custom tool chain and I wonder whether the valueType
includeFiles for options in the tool chain is working and what it does.

There is no info in the 'Managed Build System Extensibility Document'
nor the 'Extension Points Reference'.

Also it is not used in the default Managed Build System Tool Chain.

Does anybody know what it does and what the other undocumented
valueTypes do, or where I could find information about that?

What I need it for:

As far as I know the indexer will only index headers, when they are
included in some compilation unit.
But I want the indexer to be aware of the content of a prefix header
(one that is automatically included/prefixed to all source files
by the compiler) so how can I include specific files for the indexer
when they are not included in some source file?

Thank you,


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